National Agricultural Research Policy

One of the mandatary fuctions of the CARP is to formulate national agricultural research policy and priorities. Accordingly SLCARP council appointed a Committee to prepare a working document, to develop the research policy for 2017- 2021 through a process of broader stakeholder consultation, incorporating their ideas/requirements. This Committee is comprised of the Chairpersons of the National Committees of major thrust areas in agriculture, functioning under the SLCARP Council. The SLCARP Council approved the National Agricultural Research Policy for 2017-2021.

The main thrust areas covered in the policy are:

  • Legal and regulatory mechanisms
  • Institutional framework
  • Coordinating mechanisms
  • Priority setting
  • Financing and resource mobilization
  • Capacity Building
  • Knowledge management
  • Technology transfer
  • Sustainable use of biodiversity
  • Natural resources and International cooperation
  • National Agricultural Research Policy and Strategy 2018-2027

    Research Allowance Programme

    Granting Approval for the Research Allowance for the NARS Scientists

    The Sri Lankan Government has provided a mechanism to encourage researches to conduct highly innovative research to meet the present demands as relevant to their fields of expertise. This operational through the Management Service Department Circular 2/2014.In accordance with the Circular SLCARP has the authority to approve the researche allowance for the researches in agriculture sector.

    national agricultural research plan

    National Agricultural Research Plan of Sri Lanka (NARP) contains the research programmes of the institutions of the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) and agriculture related Faculties of the National Universities. These programmes are designed in accordance with the priority areas identified in the Government Development Policy Framework for a particular period and in the policies of the Line Ministries. The Agriculture related Faculties of the Universities define their research programmes according to academic needs of the Faculties and also to the important national

    Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy accepts the Research Programmes of all the
    NARS institutions functioning under different Ministries, to be compiled into one national document to prepare the National Agricultural Research Plan for the particular period. This document is submitted to the Department of National Budget/ General Treasury for consideration for funding on research programmes/ projects of the Institutions. The programmes submitted to SLCARP are evaluated by the National Subject Committees functioning at the SLCARP for recommendation on funding. Progress monitoring mechanism for the research programmes of the Institutions and a mechanism to disseminate the findings of such research programmes/ projects have been worked out and carried out by the SLCARP under NARP.

    Summary of NARP and NUS Awarded Projects and their Budget Details

    On going Projects of NARP and Budget details for 2018

    Calling of Research Concepts Papers 2021

    Eligible Institutions / Faculties of National Universities

    List of National Committees at SLCARP

    Concept Paper for research grants

    Notice on Extension