External Review of the NARS Institutes -2018

One of the important mandated functions in the SLCARP is to carry out regular External Reviews of National Agricultural Research System (NARS) Institutes. There are 21 institutes under NARS and SLCARP was able to review two institutes last year namely Fruit crops Research and Development Institutes (FRDI) and Institute of Post-harvest Technology (IPHT). Since this mandated function is very important as annual investment made is close to Rs bn. 4 in Research and Development in NARS covering 11 Ministries. Due to its importance, Treasury during 2018 has allocated Rs mn 15 in order to carry out external reviews of many institutes. Generally an external review of an institute including transport etc. cost about Rs.500,000.00/Institute. Therefore during 2018 SLCARP intend to review following institutes.1

  1. Field Crops Research and Development Institute
  2. Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute
  3. National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency
  4. Palmyrah Research Institute
  5. Sugarcane Research Institute and
  6. Veterinary Research Institute

In order to review the above research institutes following professionals are recommended as members of the review panels.

External Review of the PALMYRAH RESEACH Institutes -2018

Review at VRI is delayed as new appointments of the Chairman and a member, and non-submission of the Institute Report to the Review Panel. Review at SRI is delayed as the Review Panel has been reappointed to SRI cancelling the review at CRI.

Also, a request was made to appoint an additional member who is specialized in the field of mechanization, sugarcane and its by-product processing by the Director, SRI (Letter attached). Mr. Thilakasena Yaddehige, Former Chief Executive Officer, Pelwatta Sugar Company (Private) Limited was appointed with the pending approval of the Chairman, SLCARP.​

Palmyrah Research Institute


Sugarcane Research Institute (SRI) is one of the six institutes selected for the External Review in 2018. The Review Team consisted of Prof. Sumitra Jayasekera (Chairman), Dr. D. V. Seevaratnam, Dr. Fredrick Abeyratne, Dr. D S P Kuruppuarachchi and Mr. Thilakasena Yaddehige, had a  review visit to SRI and its Sugarcane fields from 6th to 9th June 2018. 

The Team was accompanied by Dr. S D G Jayawardena (Chairman), Dr.  J D H Wijewardena (Secretary) and Dr. Frank Niranjan (Coordinator) of SLCARP. Logistical arrangements were cordially provided by Mr. K Francis Karunasena (Chairman) and Dr. A P Keerthipala (Director) of SRI. 

final list of reviwers

SLCARP External Review of the Institutes – Progress as at

Date of the Report Submission of FCRDI
Date of the Report Submission of HARTI
Date of the Report Submission of NARA
Date of the Report Submission of PRI
Date of the Report Submission of SRI
Date of the Report Submission VRI

SLCARP External Review of the Institutes – Progress as at

Final Presentations to the SLCARP Council were made by 04 Review Teams on;


Final Review Reports are to be submitted to the Chairman, SLCARP within a week (by 10th September). Final Presentations to the SLCARP Council on FCRDI and VRI reviews recommendations are scheduled on 25th September 2018. Review reports/ Recommendations will be forwarded officially to the respective Ministries and Institutions heads as soon as we receive them