Inter-Institutional Multi Disciplinary Research Grants

Guidelines of the Inter-Institutional Multi Disciplinary Research Grants Scheme

  1. The research project should be an original investigation of National Importance and relevant to the Mandate of the Institute
  2. The problem to be tackled or new knowledge to be generated should be clearly stated
  3. The Research project should be Inter Institutional and Multi Disciplinary in nature preferably with the potential for commercialization
  4. The Principal Investigators and Collaborating Scientists should be with at least postgraduate research qualifications.
  5. A record of research grants received by the Principal Investigator in last five years
  6. The Research project should be for a period of three years and the period of investigation should be adequately justified.
  7. Research project should be conducted within the available man power of the Institute. Subsistence and travel should be calculated as per the existing government rates. All payments included in the project should follow the existing Government procedures.
  8. The budget should be calculated accurately and justified in detail. Purchase of equipment will not be supported. The budget should be limited to a maximum of Rs 500,000/ per annum.
  9. A detailed time-based work plan (Gantt chart) should be submitted stating the proposed activities and time frames clearly.
  10. Research proposals which address inter-disciplinary work, require to have expertise from each of the different relevant disciplines, and be supported with letters of consent from the collaborators and recommended by the Head of the Institute of the collaborating scientists.
  11. The research project should produce at least one full paper to be published in a reviewed Journal and should indicate clearly the mechanism of transfer of research results to the stakeholders.
  12. When the scientist/s of the research project applies for the subsequent grant on completion of the first grant SLCARP will seek supporting evidence on technology transfer.
  13. Applicants may indicate persons, that they think should not review the project for reasons of conflict, for consideration by SLCARP
  14. Softcopy of the application should be sent as a document format (.doc) AND as a PDF format to Dr JDH Wijewardena, Secretary/SLCARP at Contradictory information in the hard and soft copies will be a cause for disqualification.
  15. Funding will be decided on the merits of the proposal and competitively through the peer-review procedures in use at the SLCARP.
  16. Incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered.
  17. Please note that the decision of the SLCARP is final.