National Agricultural Research Priorities

Objectives of the National Committees

The National Committees on Research Programmes and Projects (NCRPP) is appointed by the SLCARP Council and it is responsible for overall Agricultural Research Management and Coordination work in all disciplines of agricultural research. This Committee is assigned the execution of agricultural research of NARS institution/universities. 
The Committee has the authority to make suggestions to all the Natonal/Specialist subject area committee regarding agricultural research management matters and to implement its decisions pertaining to these committees with the permission of the SLCARP council. NCRPP has to work in collaboration with these National Specialist subject area committee.

Also, SLCARP has ten (12) National /Subject Committee to screen, monitor and assess research projects/proposals for submission to the Treasury for funding. These Committees are represented by eminent agricultural scientists in the country.

  1. Formulate policies and strategies relevant to different disciplines in the Agricultural Sector, Identify national level research priorities
  2. Screening of research proposals for treasury funds
  3. Review the progress of on-going research
  4. Promote collaborative research projects/programs nationally and internationally
  5. Facilitate interaction through sharing of information
  6. Organize national /International meetings/workshops to facilitate sectoral research

National Committee on Aquatic Resources

National Commitee on Agricultural Mecanization

  • Aquaculture and Fisheries were listed animal breeding and reproduction
  • Animal nutrition
  • Animal health
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Animal products; processing
  • Economics and marketing farming systems
  • Prof. (Mrs.) Shivashanthini Kuganathan
  • Dr. P.B. Terney Pradeep Kumara
  • Dr. U P K Epa
  • Dr. Ashoka Deepananda
  • Dr. K Arulananthan
  • Dr.(Mrs) V Pahalawattaarachchi
  • Mr. N B M Ranathunga
  • Ms. H G V K T Gunawardane
  • Ms. W K Chathurangi
  • Mr. M Marcus
  • Mr. H M U K P B Herath
  • Mr. N P G Pushpitha
  • Mr. E S Randika Fernando
  • Mr. Dilan Fernando
  • Mr. N M PChaminda Fernando
  • Crop establishment
  • Crop management
  • Harvesting
  • Post harvesting
  • Value addition and residue/waste management
  • Prof. M A R V Fernando
  • Prof. P L G Alwis
  • Eng. W K R Peiris
  • Eng. G A M A Wijethunga
  • Eng. H M A P Rathnayake
  • Dr. M A Wijeratne
  • Dr. Sumith Senarathna
  • Mr. P Dissanayake
  • Mr. K H Dimuthu Abeyratne
  • Mr. Ranjith Rajapakse

National Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology

National Commitee on Crop Improvment & Agronomy

  • Plantation Crops
  • Food Crops
  • Export Agricultural Crops
  • Livestock
  • Poultry
  • Fisheries
  • Microbiology and Regulatory Issues
  • Prof. Pradeepa Silva
  • Dr. G. Samarasinghe
  • Dr. S A C N Perera
  • Dr. V. Vidhanaarachchi
  • Dr. P Bandaranayake
  • Dr. P Senevirathne
  • Dr. B M V S Basnayake
  • Dr. C M Nanayakkara
  • Dr. J B Senanayake
  • Dr. S. Krishnarajah
  • Dr. S. Iddamaldeniya
  • Dr. S K Wasala
  • Ms. K.P.S.D. De Silva
  • Mr. Dilip de Silva
  • Ms. A. M. M.S .Perera
  • Ms. D Herath
  • Plant genetic resource management and utilization
  • Productivity enhancement through genetic improvement
  • Quality improvement to meet the requirements of the end-users
  • Increasing the availability of quality seeds and planting materials.
  • Dr.Amith P. Benthota
  • Dr. L Perera
  • Dr.J.M. Senevirathne
  • Dr.Malika perera
  • Dr. K. Hettiarchchi
  • Dr.S Abeyasiriwardene
  • Dr.ArunaWijesuriya
  • Dr.S.P. Withanage
  • Dr. HemalFonseka
  • Mr.D.M. Withanawasam
  • Ms. I. Kalubowila
  • Dr. M .P .Dhanapala

National Committee on Floriculture Research

National Committee on Forestry


  • Identification/improvement /production of novel ornamental plants and cut-  flowers to the industry
  • Mass propagation of quality planting materials
  • Developing new crop management and production techniques
  • Post-harvest technologies to improve vase life of the products
  • Pest and diseases control methods
  • Development of suitable cost effective cultivation methods for different agro-ecologycal zones
  • Development of cut flower and foliage industry as micro rnterprises to upgrade the income of the growers



  • Prof. Sriyanie Pieris
  • Prof. R A S P Senanayaka
  • Dr. Chalinda Beneragama
  • Dr. Jayantha Senanayake
  • Dr. Kumari Fonseka
  • Dr. Shelomi Krishnaraja
  • Dr. S M P C. Padmini
  • Mr. I. Anandatissa
  • Mrs Malani Baddegamage
  • Mr. A. L. M. Zuhry
  • Mrs. Thushari Weerakoon
  • Mrs. Dayani Karunananda
  • Mr. S.A.S.K. Senadera
  • Mrs. M. Rupasinghe
  • Mr. M A Kularatne


  • Establishment and Management of Plantation Forests while ensuring Sustainable Land Use
  • Improve Value Chain System in Forest Plantation Sectors
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change (CC) in Forestry
  • Joint Participation in Plantation Forestry
  • Social/Environmental Aspects and Investor Related Aspects of the Surrounding         Plantation Forest Industry
  • Strengthening Policy and Legislative Framework


  • Prof. Hemanthi Ranasinghe
  • Prof. D.K.N.G. Pushpakumara
  • Dr. W.M.P.S.B. Wahala
  • Ms. R.M.Deepani Alawathugoda
  • Mr. A. L. W. Goonewardena
  • Mr. Shamen Vidanage
  • Ms. Lakmini Senadheera
  • Ms. Shreen Samarasooriya
  • Mr. Supun Nigamuni
  • Mr. Supun Jayasinghe
  • Mr. Ranjith Attygalle


National Committee on Livestock and Poultry

National Committee on Natural Resources Management,Sustainable Agriculture & Climate Change

  • Animal nutrition
  • Animal health
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Animal products
  • Processing, economics and marketing farming  systems and animal (livestock) welfare


  • Prof. H B S Ariyaratne
  • Prof. N S B M Atapattu
  • Dr. Niroshan Gamage
  • Dr.(Miss) J Sinniah
  • Dr. J K Vidanarachchi
  • Dr. H Kothalawala
  • Ms. H G V K T Gunawardane
  • Ms. E G H M Ranasinghe
  • Mr. Palitha Samarakoon
  • Mr. M D Karunathilaka
  • Mr. L K Amarasiri Gunawardhane
  • Mr. Haridas Fernando
  • Mr. Lalith Abeywardena



  • Food security (production, access, nutrition,fauna and flora, ecosystem, agro climatology
  • Climate variability and changes and crop zoning)
  • Green economy (pollutio, soil erosion/conservation, amd land use planning)
  • Water security( quality, quantity, productivity and disasters)



  • Prof. Chandi Rajapakse
  • Prof. Mala Amarasinghe
  • Dr. N D R Weerawardena
  • Dr. Sarath Illanganthileke
  • Dr. B V R Punyawardena
  • Dr. Ajith Gunawardena
  • Mr. Ajantha de Silva
  • Mr. L S k Hettiarachhi
  • Mr. Herath Manthrithilake
  • Mrs. Lalith Chandrapala
  • Ms. PriyangiJayasinghe
  • Mr. R M S Bandara
  • Mrs. W Samaraweera
  • Mr. K A I D Silva


National Committee on Organic Agriculture

National Committee on Plant Protection


  • Site quality variation and improper land management measures
  • Productivity variations
  • Improper harvesting processing and value addition
  • Marketing related problems
  • Poor implementation of regulations/inappropriate policies, ad-hoc policy/regulation changes
  • Social Issues.



  • Dr. Sarath Ranaweera
  • Dr. P. Weerasinghe
  • Dr. A. P. Heenkende
  • Dr. H.M.G.S.B. Hitinayake
  • Dr. J. D. H. Wijewardhana
  • Dr. N.P.S.N. Bandara
  • Dr. H.M.I.K. Herath
  • Mr. Thilak Kariyawasam
  • Mr. D. N. Sirisena
  • Ms. Gayani Wijayathilake
  • Mr. Sachithra Harshana


Development of sustainable agriculture systems is the key for achieving food security. In this aspect, use of effective and environmentally sound management strategies to overcome the threats caused by biotic constrints such as insect pests. nematodes,weeds and pathogens,plays an important role in determining the quantity and quality of agricultural production and productivity. To acheive these targets, strengthening of the research and development in relation to national priorities identifiedin this important subject area is vital.


  • Prof. Buddhi Marambe
  • Mr. P T Bandara
  • Dr. M Dharmadasa
  • Dr. H T R Wijesekara
  • Dr. W R G Witharama
  • Dr T H S P Fernando
  • Mr. Athauda Jayawardena
  • Dr. S Jayasekara
  • Dr. K M Mohotti


National Committee on Post-harvest Technology and Human Nutrition

National Committee on Socio-Economics and Policy Analysis


  • Grains and oil seeds
  • Spice crops adn postharvest
  • Value addition for the fisheries products.



  • Dr. W S Botheju
  • Dr. S P Rupasinghe
  • Dr. D B T Wijerathna
  • Dr. I Hewajulige
  • Dr. S Ariyawansa
  • Dr. S Thilakarathna
  • Dr. K H Sarananda
  • Mr. I V A D S S Induruwa



  • Natural resource management and environmental sustainability
  • Technology generation, transfer and related services
  • Agricultural inputs, marketing, processing and value addition
  • Agricultural trade and employment, labour use, institutions and rural development



  • Prof. L M Abeywickrama
  • Prof. J Weerahewa
  • Prof. J Weerahewa
  • Prof. J M U K Jayasinghe
  • Dr. R M Herath
  • Dr. (Mrs.) H W Shyamalie
  • Dr. I M S K Idirisinghe
  • Dr. Manoj Thibbotuwawa
  • Dr. Fredrick Abeyratne
  • Dr. D S T Wanaguru
  • Mr. J K S Sankalpa
  • Mr. K A D Kodituwakku
  • Mr. K H M L Amaralal
  • Ms. A P P Disna
  • Mr. R L N Jayatissa
  • Mr. R M Chandrasena
  • Ms. Chathurika Ranaweera
  • Mr. D. V. Bandulasena
  • Mr. A R Wickramaratna