Slcarp awards

For Excellence in Agricultural Research 2019

Notice on Extension

This is to notify that the last date of acceptance of applications for the above award as per the advertisment of “Daily news, Dinamina and Thinakaran” on 03rd July 2019 has been extended till 16th August 2019.

Capacity Building

Capacity building of the officers in a national research system should be an ongoing process in order to ensure that the next generation is armed to take over the research programmes. This document highlights the present status of Human Resources in the agriculture research sector of Sri Lanka and the necessity for immediate intervention on capacity building due to inadequate number of untrained scientists.


The Sri Lanka Journal of Food and Agriculture (SLJFA) (ISSN-2424-6913) was launched in 2015 and published two issues each year. The SLJFA is the official journal of the Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy (SLCARP) of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.


Capacity Development Programme of SLCARP

Researchers from NARS Institutes are granted scholarships to Reed for PhD under the Capacity Development Programme of SLCARP. Three scholarships were awarded to reed for PhD at University of the Philippines Los Banos, at January 2020

External Review Programme of SLCARP

One of the functions of the SLCARP shall be to review the performance of agricultural research projects, institutions and divisions from time to time. With regard to this function, SLCARP has been undertaking External Review of Research Institutes since 1990

Twelfth National Symposium on Floriculture Research (Nasflor)-2019

Annual National Symposium on Floriculture Research (Nasflor-2019) on 29th November 2019 at the Royal Botanical Gardens Peradeniya.

Who We Are.

Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy is an umbrella organization of the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) that operates within several Ministries. SLCARP came into existence on the 22nd December 1987 to create an environment for more productive agricultural research. SLCARP’s mission is to enhance and mobilize the scientific resources in Sri Lanka efficiently to catalyze and agricultural research and technology generation within NARS.

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