Workshop on How Macro Economic Policies Impact on Agriculture Development in Sri Lanka 26th November (Monday) 2018 at CARP Secretariat

8.30 am – 9.15 am Registration

9.15 am – 9.25 am Welcome Address by Dr. S D G Jayawardena, Chairman, SLCARP

9.25 am – 9.35 am Workshop Objectives by Dr. Fredrick Abeyratne, Member, National Committee on
Socio-Economics & Policy Analysis

9.35 am – 9.55 am Implications of Macro-Economic Policies on Domestic Food Crop Sector by Prof. J
Weerahewa, Chairperson, National Committee on Socio-Economics & Policy Analysis, Discussion

10.05 am –10.25 am Implications of Macro-Economic Policies on Agricultural Exports by Mr. Rizvi
Zaheed, Chairman, National Agribusiness Council ,Discussion

10.35 am-10.45 am Tea

10.45 am-11.05 am Review of Effectiveness of Short term and Long term National Plans on
Agricultural Development, Mr. S S Mudalige, Director General, Department of
National Planning, Discussion

11.15 am-11.35 am Private Sector Views on Conduciveness of Government Policies to Develop
Agriculture Sector, Mrs. Jayanthi Dharmasena, Executive Director, Hayleys PLC, Discussion

11.45 am-12.05 pm The Necessity for Climate Change Resilience based Agricultural Sector Policies
for 2050 by Dr. B V R. Punyawardena, Principal Scientist (Agro-climatology),
Natural Resource Management Centre, Department of Agriculture, Discussion

12.15 pm-12.20 pm Vote of Thanks by Dr. J D H Wijewardena, Secretary, SLCARP

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