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January to June 2011
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  • Identification of policy perspective in NARS/ Universities/Private sector/Others and formulationof an integrated policy framework
  • Provision of  assistance and orientation for research planing and priorirization
  • Awording of competitive contract reasearch grants
  • Moinitoring and evaluation of research
    • Field visits
    • Progress reports
    • Mid term review seminars
    • Final workshops for stakeholders
  • Workshops, seminars on research projects and current themes
  • Promote local and international linkages
  • Research abstracts and publications in journals/magazines
  • Research higlights in CARP newsletter
  • Field demonstrations for extention services
  • Recommendation of  technologies for the agricultural sector
  • User friendly software on technological development
  • Develop databases: INFORM, special bibliographies
  • Provision of finacial and administration logistics
  • Funds for human resources development
  • Competitive contract research funds disbursement
  • Staff training for skills development
  • Update SLCARP website

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