Eleventh National Symposium on Floriculture Research (NASFLOR-2018)

The Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy and Department of National Botanic Gardens organized the Annual National Symposium on Floriculture Research (NASFLOR-2018) on 09th November 2018 at the Hotel Waters Edge, Battaramulla, to highlight and discuss recent research findings in this field. Researchers, Growers, Exporters and Policy makers participated and share their experiences to develop this sector. Sixteen research papers related to floriculture sector were presented by researchers and those papers were grouped to four categories as follows; Propagation in Floriculture
1 Multiplication of Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don. mutants through vegetative propagation
2 Studies on propagation of selected plants by using cutting types, rooting hormones and potting media
3 Low cost applications on in-vitro shoot multiplication and rooting of Dendrobium cv ‘Supanbari white’.
4 Study on the economical alternatives, gelling agents and distilled water for in-vitro propagation of Gerbera jamesonii Bolus ex Hooker f.
Crop Growth Management in Floriculture
1 Investigation of a suitable fertilizer mixture to enhance growth and flowering frequency of Anthurium andraeanum var. ‘Avo Red’
2 Effect of concentrations of different liquid fertilizers on the acclimatization of weakly grown in-vitro Anthurium andraeanum var. ’Lalani’
3 Effects of seaweed liquid extract on plant height and flowering of roses
5 Investigation of suitable growing media to enhance growth and recovery of in-vitro grown Dendrobium spp .
Trends in Floriculture
1 Use of bryophytes and pteridophytes in novel floral items for indoors
2 Monitoring CO2 emission and absorption in selected indoor plants to combat sick building syndrome
3 A case study for exploration of world floriculture and landscape market, through Nandina domestica ‘city light’, a substitutional product developed and introduced by Hayleys Agro Biotech (pvt) Ltd.
4 Flowers, orchid and foliage plant import trends in Sri Lanka
Post harvest Handling and Diseases in Floriculture
1 Development of a method to enhance the growth and to recover the diseased Anthurium andraeanum L. using beneficial microbial communities (biofilm biofertilizers)
2 Recovering diseases and growth enhancement of African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha wendl.) using biofilm biofertilizer
3 Recovering and in-vitro hardening of contaminated tissue cultured Anthurium andraeanum plants using different media and fertilizers
4 Effects of packing conditions on postharvest life of temple flower (Plumeria rubra L.)
Poster Extending vase life of blue water lily (Nymphaea stellata) using different preservative solutions

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